From Fr. Davy’s Desk:

Church Roof Repair: You all have seen the progress of the major roof repair of our beautiful church. The roof has been leaking for many years and has now started damaging the interior wall and the ceiling of the church. Our Church is the pride of Greenpoint and I look back with gratitude on our ancestors who built this beautiful house of worship in 1873.

We need to take down the scaffolding as soon as possible and see the beautiful Church. Don’t forget this Church is a landmark structure in many ways. It’s 270-foot steeple can be seen for miles and from several major highways and bridges. It is an icon of this neighborhood of Greenpoint.  Maintenance of this church is our moral, religious and civic obligation. It will last for many years.

I would like to say that I will enjoy the fruits of our labors for a few years.  But, realistically, I will have to leave you someday and move on to my next assignment. You and your next generation will use it for many more years. This work will never be MY legacy – but YOURS! I am merely the “general contractor.”

I need your prayers and support to complete the project. We will have a second collection during the next weekend Masses, December 3 and 4. I also want my Mom to be proud of our parish! When I discussed with her she offered her prayers for the success. She surprised me with her promise. My mother gets Christmas gift only from me. This year she told me not to send any Christmas gift but use it for the church roof. I am sure my 88 year old mother will never get a chance to see our beautiful church. But she doesn’t want her son to struggle. This is the deal: during this Christmas season if you are planning to spend some money on buying Christmas gifts or spend some money on food let us offer it as a Birthday gift to Jesus to repair the leaking roof of his house. Call your family members and friends not to send any personal gift but donate to St. Anthony church roof.

Please prayerfully consider donating to the completion of the roof project. The total cost is $413,000.00. Our challenge is to raise $177,000.00.  As you know I am neither a businessman nor fundraiser. We never learnt, Pope Francis never asked us to be one.

I request you once more to support our parish with a generous donation during the special second collection at all the Masses next weekend.  You have wholeheartedly supported before and there is no doubt in my mind I can count on my family members of St. Anthony & St. Alphonsus – and of Greenpoint. Let there be a Christmas miracle next weekend! May God Bless a cheerful giver! Thanks.

Fr. Kavungal Davy, CMI




August 2, 2015

People don’t want to be arrested by police and taken to the prison, why? Though inmates in a prison get enough to eat and drink they don’t enjoy freedom. The hunger of the human spirit goes beyond the hunger for food and drink. We need food for the body and food for the soul. Both are necessary. Jesus gives priority to spiritual food. That is why he says in Matthew 4:4 “One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” When he multiplied bread he showed people a sign pointing to the higher spiritual food.

We see the crowd in the gospel running for more bread. They want to make him king, a king who fills the human stomach with bread. Jesus tells them: “Very truly, I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life” (John 6:26-27). Jesus did not want to be identified primarily with feeding stomachs. He has come to nourish the human spirit with the food.

When we seek only physical comfort then we will never be satisfied. The people of Israel kept complaining throughout their journey. They were not patient to wait for the sumptuous food in the Promised Land. Let us ask ourselves this week: “Did I grumble during last week? Am I satisfied with what I have? Am I giving preference in my life to spiritual food that lasts forever?

Fr. Kavungal Davy, CMI

2 Agosto 2015

La gente no quiere ser arrestado por la policía y llevado a la cárcel, ¿por qué? Aunque los reclusos en una prisión lo suficiente para comer y beber no gozan libertad. El hambre del espíritu humano va más allá del hambre de comida y bebida. Necesitamos alimento para el cuerpo y el alimento para el alma. Ambos son necesarios. Jesús da prioridad a la alimentación espiritual. Es por eso él dice en Mateo 4: 4 “El hombre no vive sólo de pan, sino de toda palabra que sale de la boca de Dios.” Cuando se multiplica el pan que mostró a la gente una señal que apunta a la comida espiritual superior.

Vemos a la multitud en el evangelio corriendo por más pan. Quieren hacerle rey, un rey que llena el estómago humano con pan. Jesús les dice: “En verdad les digo que me buscáis, no porque habéis visto las señales, sino porque habéis comido de los panes, no por el alimento que perece, sino por el alimento que perdura para la vida eterna” (Juan 6: 26-27). Jesús no quiso ser identificado principalmente con la alimentación de estómagos. Él ha venido a nutrir humano con la comida espiritual.

Cuando buscamos único consuelo físico entonces nunca estaremos satisfechos. El pueblo de Israel no dejaba de quejarse durante todo el viaje. No eran pacientes para esperar por la comida suntuosa en la Tierra Prometida. Preguntémonos esta semana: “¿Me quejo durante la semana pasada? ¿Estoy satisfecho con lo que tengo? ¿Estoy dando preferencia en mi vida que el alimento espiritual que dura para siempre?

Padre Kavungal Davy, CMI